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Stephen Vincent Casellas Composer

Stephen Vincent Casellas's one goal as a composer is both a simple one and an ambitious one: inspire a positive change in the world. In the past, he has composed music that brings to light discussions of mental health, the environment, and more. More recently, his eclectic repertoire of music seeks to blur genre and create unique sonic images through different uses of texture.

Listen to the virtual premiere of "Fire and Dust," an electroacoustic art song about the pandemic

Listen to the virtual premiere of "Until next time...," for cello choir

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Featured Music: April

completed in 2017, revised in 2020.
Endless gratitude to KLK New Music and the Lviv Philharmonic for allowing me this cathartic moment!
I started this piece in 2016, as a way to channel the negative energy that was surrounding me my penultimate semester at NYU, during which I was also on and off meds. I won't go into detail since I have family on my social media who will inevitably see this, but I will say that my emotional wellbeing was at its absolute worst when I started April. I'm much better now, but I put this work aside for a year, revisiting it in a much better state of mind. :)
Here is the video from the premiere in Lviv, Ukraine on June 20, 2020. I hope you enjoy!



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